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Mr. Zhang Xuezheng, Chairman of Wingtech Technology, Was Listed As One of The Best CEOs in China


Mr. Zhang Xuezheng, Chairman and CEO of Wingtech Technology, ranked 31st on Forbes' recently released list of 'China's Best CEOs'.


Before founding Wingtech in 2006, Mr. Zhang Xuezheng had a successful working experience in companies such as ST semiconductor. He holds a bachelor's degree in electronic information engineering from Guangdong University of technology, a master's degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business / Tsinghua University PBCSF, and a doctor's degree in finance from Tsinghua University PBCSF / University of Geneva. He is now studying in Hundun University and School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University.


Under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Xuezheng, Wingtech has become China's largest IDH (independent design house) within a year, the world's largest mobile phone ODM (original design manufacturer) within five years, and become an international communication enterprise serving global mainstream brands within 10 years. In 2019, Mr. Zhang Xuezheng led the completion of China's largest semiconductor acquisition and successfully acquired European semiconductor giant Nexperia semiconductor. Later, he served as chairman and CEO of Nexperia semiconductor, helping Wingtech form a 100 billion yuan Industrial layout from chip design, wafer manufacturing, semiconductor assembly and test to IIOT, communication terminals, laptops, IOT and automotive electronic products.

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